Way Type Boring Machine, Horizontal Rotary Tapping Machine, Three Way Boring Machines, High Speed Spinning Machine, Drilling SPM, India

For the purpose of design products and research and developement, we have in-house design and developement departement.

Our design and developement departement is headed by post graduate in machine tool dynamics from IIT Khadakpur and who is recepient of President’s Award by

Young scientists. Under him a team of 8 engineers and draughtsmen is always working on innovative designs.
Excellent Engineers
Designing And Devlopment Deparment
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Flash Hole Drilling Machine For SAA 
Spinning Machine
Head Turning and Mouth Reaming Machine
Cap Loading Machine
Vertical Multispindle Drilling Machines
Horizontal Way Type Drilling Machines
Horizontal Rotary Table Drilling and    Tapping Machines
Way Type Boring Machines
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